Friday, February 12, 2016

How to Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer

The increasing usage of smartphones has meant that most of us are using them more and more these days. We call, use internet, read news, do online shopping, book tickets, do online baking these days and use our smartphones for various other purposes. The convenience and comfort is something that has made our lives much easier and hassle free. But doing so many things puts a big strain on the batteries of our smartphones. I will list some steps that you can adopt to help your smartphone battery last longer.

Charging battery frequently: The smartphones we use have big batteries so that we do not need to charge them again and again. But a lot of people are in the habit of charging them frequently and this is something that must be avoided. By charging your battery a lot of times you are putting extra strain on the battery and this will only have a negative impact on the life and performance of the battery. It is advisable to charge your smartphone battery when it gets really low. This will keep the battery in good health and ensure that your smartphone does not run out of charge after every few hours. Leaving your smartphone on charging overnight is also not a good habit and must be avoided as much as possible.

Using third party chargers: Many people have the habit of using third party or cheap chargers to charge their smartphones. This is something that really harms the battery and your smartphone a lot. There is no point in spending 500 dollars on a smartphone and charging it with a cheap battery. Most of the brands also recommend that your phone must be charged with only the supplied charger. These third party chargers can also cause damage to your smartphone. So you must avoid this mistake and always charge your phone with the company provided charger.

Switch off Data when not required: Data is something that most of us use on our smartphones. But it also uses a lot of battery and all the applications you have on your smartphone also drain your smartphone battery. When you do not need data it is best to switch off data as it will help your battery last longer. You also might have some unwanted applications on your smartphone that you may not be using anymore. It is better to go ahead and uninstall them and it will also help in saving your smartphone battery.

By Rakesh Sharma

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Marshmallow Is Coming to Huawei's Honor 7

Huawei doesn't really position the Honor 7 as a Samsung S6 alternative for a lot less money but that's what the latest smartphone offering from the Chinese giant, really is. It's obvious as soon as you look at it. A beautiful metal frame manages to disguise the somewhat chunky size and the 8.5mm thick profile of the 7 but at least it makes Honor 7 cases an option rather than a necessity.

The Honor 7 actually looks a lot like Huawei's current flagship smartphone model, the Huawei Mate. It is fatter and heavier, but it looks every bit as premium as the Mate and you would be hard pressed to tell at a glance, which of the two was the flagship phone and which one the cut-price killer midrange offering.

The Huawei Honor 7 (Photo : Facebook/Huawei Honor 7)

Huawei is the biggest and most well known of the new Chinese smartphone makers and is at the cusp of breaking into the US market. While the Mate is a great phone for the price, it is the Honor 7 that may actually be the phone that takes the fight to Android smartphone stalwarts like Samsung, Sony and HTC. It boasts a number of top of the line specs that rival flagship phones from leading brands but it has a distinctly midrange price. Now that Huawei is increasingly popular, buyers of the Honor 7 ought to have no problem finding Honor 7 cases and compatible accessories either.

The impressive spec list on the Honor 7 starts with the must have feature on smartphones in 2015, a fingerprint scanner. The good news continues with a brilliant, Full HD display, a micro SD card slot and even an IR blaster, an increasingly rare but vaunted addition to a smartphone. Everything isn't exactly rosy though. The IR blaster seems to be disabled in software as none of the apps seem to work with it and the fingerprint scanner doesn't support Google's APIs just yet. Also, despite the great overall build quality and very nice fit and finish of the Honor 7, there are a few cheap and tacky feeling bits in the unibody metal frame, such as the tray for the Sim card and the Micro SD card.

There is one major selling point to the Honor 7 though. Google's latest flavour of Android: 6.0, better known as Marshmallow, is coming to the 7 and soon. Huawei has just made public that the they are working on or are already testing a beta version of Marshmallow on the Honor 7 and it should be available to the public before the end of the year if not earlier. This beats many established players to the market or at least it will if Huawei's sticks to their word. This also makes the Honor 7 one of the lowest priced and most compelling phones to be among the first to market with Marshmallow, which should be a huge point of attraction to Android users eager to try out the latest favour of Google's smartphone OS.

Nahid Ahmad is an internet marketing expert and blogger. He is working with eCommerce startups DailyObjects which have a fabulous range of designer cases for Honor 7. If you are looking for more models as well as design visit official website -

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Monday, November 16, 2015

Features To Look For On Your Business Phone System

It goes without say that companies use a substantial amount of money in telephone expenses monthly. Getting value for money used on a business phone system has become the ultimate goal of every business. In the years gone by, businesses did not have a choice as to the type of business telephone system they could go for since virtually every provider offered the same kind of services. However, this is no longer the case as technology and competition has spurred many such providers to come up with unique and amazing features.

In fact, business phone system service providers are now coming up with great features solely meant to achieve a competitive edge and attract customer's attention. Some of the features that you need to look for on your business phone system include:

• Automatic call distribution

This is a feature that is commonly employed by call centers and is in essence designed to help them keep track of the number of calls made by employees in any given shift as well as the duration of calls. Such a feature is instrumental in helping a given firm improve its effectiveness and efficiency.

• Automatic call forwarding

This is a very unique feature that is instructive or instrumental in forwarding of calls to a number which is external to the firm such as a mobile phone or a home phone.

• Call convergence

Days when you could only make calls using your BPS are long gone. Just like the mobile phone has undergone tremendous changes in its features, the BPS has also undergone a metamorphosis. In fact, there are a number of things you can do with your business phone system. These are: video conferencing, emailing, faxing and sending of instant messages.

• Computer telephone integration (CTI)

This is a very unique and important feature beneficial to companies or firms that need information spontaneously. Firms such as call centers, those in the banking industry will find this feature quite instrumental. This feature can be effectively used to retrieve information about a clients profile quickly and also serves to reduce errors related to dialing of numbers.

• Interactive voice response

As the name implies, this feature is very important in reducing overhead costs for many companies who use the BPS. It allows companies or firms to interact with customers on a 24/7. It basically allows customers to find out information about their billings, report any stolen cards or ask any queries they might be having.

A business that largely depends on the use of telephones for the smooth and efficient running of the firm will without a doubt find the aforementioned features of business phone system of essence. All these features are specifically meant to ensure that firms meet their business objectives and that their customers get satisfied beyond measure. In a nutshell, these features are bound to strengthen your relationship with customers, focus on continuous improvement and ensure that all the needs of your customers are met.

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Sunday, November 01, 2015

Samsung's Newest Phones Can Compete With Apple's Best

Samsung has just launched its two new jumbo-screen smartphones. The Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus are big, attractive and well designed. They appear to be the company's best effort to date to take on Apple's iPhone 6 series.

The phones are larger than the iPhone 6 Plus. Both have a 5.7 inch screen, bigger than the iPhone's 5.5 inch screen. Both phones run Google's Android operating system and share the same O.S. and high-resolution cameras.

The main difference between the two phones is that the Note 5 has a stylus and the software to drive it. The S6 Edge Plus, sort of a super-sized S6 Edge, does not have a pen but instead has a screen that curves around the sides.

Those who like to take notes and use the pen will favor the "5". Those who want a more multimedia approach with the appearance of more attractive photos and videos will opt for the S6 Edge Plus.

Fans of the stylus will like a new feature in the Note 5 called Scroll capture. It is a tool that allows you to scroll down to the bottom of a document to take a screen grab of an entire document as opposed to just a portion of the screen. One can also write notes on the document before saving or sending it.

Fans of the "6" will like the new curved screen. It has some interesting features. A user can add a shortcut on the curved side of the screen for their favorite apps and contacts. There is also a transparent tab that can be swiped to bring up a drawer of those contacts and apps.

Users can choose where to place the shortcut tab. Right-handers may want to place on the right, left-handers on the left. One can also access the drawer and add their favorite contacts and apps by tapping the + button.

Turning the phone upside down also yields another use for the curved screen. Once shortcuts are set up for favorite contacts, each has a corresponding color. When the device is face down and a call comes in from a favorite contact, the curves will glow with the contact's color. You will know quickly who is calling without having to turn the phone face up.

Another feature that will soon be available is Samsung Pay. It is the mobile payments system Samsung originally announced in the spring. It should be available in the U.S. in late September with a software update.

Samsung Pay could eventually be larger than Apple Pay. According to Samsung it will work with regular magnetic credit card readers and near-field communications (NFC) payment pads. Apple only works with NFC which is limited to a small fraction of retailers. Samsung Pay could in theory work anywhere credit cards are accepted.

The one factor that could impact the sale of the phones may be the price. One report has the S6 Edge Plus retailing for $815. The Galaxy Note 5 was at around the $740 mark. Both topping the tab for an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.

Overall the Samsung phones are attractive as well as innovative. Those who want a "Phablet" type phone with an Android operating system, and lots of features, now have a very good alternative to the iPhone 6 Plus.

George Rosenthal is a founder and partner with ThrottleNet Inc.. ThrottleNet offers an array of technology services and products to help business owners achieve their corporate goals and accelerate business growth. These include cloud computing, custom software and mobile application development, and outsourced Managed Network Services which helps companies improve their technology uptime and IT capabilities while, at the same time, reduces costs. To learn how to accelerate your IT visit ThrottleNet online at

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Friday, January 23, 2015

What Will Microsoft Windows 10 Mean for You?

Microsoft has just revealed a deeper look at its new futuristic operating system, Windows 10.

Microsoft Windows 10
Attempting to gain momentum after the disappointment of Windows 8, the company is launching a new OS and returning to more familiar user friendly applications. Included are new inventive features like a souped-up start menu and multiple virtual desktops.

While no firm date has been set for its release (probably this fall) the company is promising this flagship version of its operating software will work across computers, tablets and even smartphones. Many of the same apps will work on all devices.

Among the many features of Windows 10 is a new web browser called Project Spartan. Users will be able to take notes with a stylus and easily share it with others. You can comment right on the page as you share it. The layout will be streamlined for easier reading.

A big hit in the making could be Microsoft's Cortana personal assistant, also a part of the system. If you're a fan of Apple's Siri you may really love Cortana.

Similar to Siri it responds to spoken commands but is also highly personalized, adjusting to your habits as you search the web and visit various sites. After a while it could make suggestions on which sites you might enjoy. It has already been available on some smartphones.

Those wishing to dive in can get upgraded to Windows 10 for, providing they already use Windows 7 or a more recent version.

Windows 10 is not all Microsoft plans to offer. The company also introduced a new device called Surface Hub. Targeted for the workplace this is a big 84 inch touch-screen computer with large features to boot, such as a stylus white board, shared web browser and video conferencing.

The tech giant is also showcasing a bit of the future with Windows Holographic, their vision for hologram computing. They created a headset called HoloLens. Wearers can view and interact with augmented reality holograms that could take place in a natural environment like an office or a kitchen. The hologram system was demonstrated as both a work/play product to be used for designing 3D objects, video chat and even playing games.

One goal for Microsoft with Windows 10 is to establish a common software foundation for PCs, tablets, smartphones and Xbox. One currently needs four distinct operating systems to run them. Some unification could allow users to shift seamlessly from a game on Xbox to a work project on a Windows PC.

Microsoft is hoping a unified platform will appeal to more software developers. Windows Phone software is rarely used and the lack of apps is said to hurt sales of the Microsoft mobile product. Just 3% of all new smartphones sold are Windows Phones. The appeal is that apps created for the phone will also be used on hundreds of millions of PCs.

While many of the company's new product offerings may be years away, the soon to be released Windows 10 appears to be a giant step forward. The unified platform approach, across PCs, tablets, and smartphones can only boost productivity and help Microsoft fortify its role as the leader in workplace solutions.

George Rosenthal is a founder and partner with ThrottleNet Inc. ThrottleNet offers an array of technology services and products to help business owners achieve their corporate goals and accelerate business growth. These include cloud computing, custom software and mobile application development, and outsourced Managed Network Services which helps companies improve their technology uptime and IT capabilities while, at the same time, reduces costs. To learn how to accelerate your IT visit ThrottleNet online at

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Move Or Copy Worksheets Between Excel Workbooks

Moving or copying worksheets from one workbook to another may sound like a complicated process but as with a lot of features in Excel it really is quite straightforward. I will describe in detail the two different methods. First I will cover Excel's built in method for completing this task, and as usual in Excel there is also an alternative way to carry out the task as well, which we will cover also.

To move or copy a worksheet from one workbook to another using Excel's in- built task.

Open the source and target workbook together. The source workbook contains the workbook you want to move or copy to your target. In the source workbook select the worksheet that you want to copy or move. Then go to your target workbook

Click the Home Tab, click Format drop down in the Cells Group and then select Move Or Copy Sheets in the Organize Sheets section. If you would prefer to by pass using the Excel Riboon then right click on the sheet tab you want to copy or move in the source workbook and choose Move Or Copy from the shortcut menu that appears.

In the Move Or Copy Dialog Box, just choose the target worksheet from the To Book drop down box. Excel will display only the workbooks you already have open. You should have already opened the target workbook at the very start of this task.

You now have even more choices to make once you have selected the target workbook. You can either put worksheet and the end of the workbook or select Before Sheet List Box that will allow you to select the name of the worksheet you want yours to precede.

If you want the moved or copied worksheet to appear at the end of the new workbook then select the option Move To End. Your moved or copied worksheet should now be positioned exactly where you want it. If you want to move rather than copy, just click Create A Copy option at the bottom of the dialog box. Just hit OK and your task is completed.

As I said earlier, there are usually a few ways to accomplish the same task with Excel. Here is another way, not exactly a shortcut but just an alternative process.

First you need to again open both the source and target workbooks. With them both open select the View Tab and select the Side By Side Option in the Window Group.

Click the sheet tab in the source workbook and drag it to the target workbook - this moves the worksheet. Alternatively if you want to copy worksheets then hold down the CTRL key while you drag the worksheet to the target workbook.

There you go, two ways to perform the same move or copy worksheets between workbooks in Excel.
BJ Johnston 50 Top Tips and Tricks.


Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Music Radio

Although many Nintendo Wii's, Xbox 360's, and many other toys are not always easy to come by in the holiday season, one thing we never fall short of is Christmas music. Needless to say it is not always so easy to find quality Christmas music.
Many lucky consumers who were able to afford the IPod touch, IPhone, or a decent set of computer speaker will have no trouble finding exactly what they are looking for. Pandora is one website which allows users to pick an artist of their choosing, for the site to mold stations around. Another useful internet site great for these devices is Wunder Radio which links to many great stations. Sites such as AOL Christmas 365, Classic Holliday Radio, 181.FM, and Christmas 24/7 should all do the trick.
Subscribers to Serius and XM will be delighted to know that they have revamped their regularly scheduled programming to introduce twenty-four hours of holiday music, seven days a week, with no commercial interruption, all the way through the holiday season.
Of course we can always return to "old reliable and turn on the local AM/FM stations. Not for you? Around the country many local radio stations are converting their programming for the holidays in hopes of gaining listeners such as yourself. Simply scanning the airwaves is an easy way to find the holiday music of your choosing.
In need of an upgrade from the same old holiday music? With plenty of vacation time, I sure must of you will need to break away from the family, so this is a perfect time to take a look at the selection of new Christmas music available on ITunes. I pieced together a mixed CD and I am sure it will be a big hit. ITunes makes it as fun and easy as can be to locate, and test new music.Not only are songs easy to locate on ITunes, but the site also gives users the chance to preview songs before they actually make a purchase. Not only is ITunes easy but it is full of great new music, I even accidently came across a great song "Everything I Need For Christmas" by emerging artist JD Webb. It will not be easy to top this song.
So if you're like me and you're being forced to watch the kid from A Christmas Story shoot his eye out for the nine-hundredth time, take a break, and check out the labyrinth of available holiday music. Good luck and happy holidays.

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Friday, November 28, 2008

How to Send Fax From the Internet

Sending faxes via the Internet is the in-thing for businesses worldwide nowadays. In fact, companies which use such a communication tool are often held in high esteem by customers as it portrays the firm as being "proactive" and "forward looking".

So, how does one send faxes via the Internet? Currently, there are many service providers out there, and more and more are coming on stream by the day. As competition heats up, all sorts of packages are offered to customers. But if you study these offerings closely, there's actually only two ways to send faxes via the Internet - web-based or use proprietary software.

Web-based basically means the user just go to the service provider's website, login into your account, key in a few required data (such as the recipient's name, phone number, email number etc), enclose your fax message, and press the "send fax" or "transmit" button. That's it!

For proprietary software method, users are required to download and install a special software into their computer. This is usually a very simple task and requires no prior technical knowledge.

Many service providers now transmit your fax by converting it into emails, which cuts cost down substantially. To use such a service, a special fax number is often required - which is provided by the service provider.

One popular type of fax service presently available simply integrates with the email system you are using, thus it does not require new hardware or software installation. Fees depend on which packages you choose. Basically the key difference between the packages is the pricing and number of faxes you can send and receive. For example, for $10 a month, a customer is permitted to send a maximum of 100 faxes and receive a maximum of 200 faxed pages. If you take the $40 plan, then it's 400 faxes in and 400 out. Users can receive their faxes in PDF or TIFF formats via several email accounts, or simply view them online. Faxes are sent using emails, and the system works with Microsoft Office.

Another type of fax service lets you receive not only faxes, but voicemail as well, as e-mail attachments. To send faxes, you are given two options - via e-mail or the web.

For those who only fax occasionally, a good deal to settle for would be to use a "prepaid" service. Such a service does not require monthly fees. What you do is prepay a certain amount, use the fax service, and when the prepaid amount drops to a certain designated level, just top it up. If you don't use the service for a certain period of time, then the prepaid money and fax numbers would be deactivated.

Which service providers are the best in the business? It's hard to tell because every user or company has different needs and demands. But the good news is that the majority of fax service providers do offer free trials, ranging from 2 weeks to a month. It's best to make full use of this privilege to ascertain their support services.

To get a taste of the power and usefulness of online faxing, a good way is to try a free web fax service. Find out from why such a service can be offered free with no strings attached.

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Home Internet Phone Service Made Easy

Internet phone service is like bathroom tissue. There are dozens of brands and few significant differences between them. Beneath all the marketing fuss, the product is very simple and easy. Installing Internet phone service for ordinary home use is no scarier than installing bathroom tissue, as you are about to learn.

Here's a short list of what you need:

  • Internet access service that is always "on" and moves data fast and smoothly. That means DSL or cable Internet in most cases. Dial-up, satellite or other wireless Internet service isn't fast enough to provide high enough quality phone calls. Whether you get cable or DSL Internet, it will come with a box called a "modem" to which all devices that use the Internet connect.
  • An Analog Telephony Adapter (ATA or just "adapter"). This is a box that translates telephone electrical signals into Internet signals and vice versa. An ATA needs an electrical outlet for its power supply. Your phone plugs into the ATA instead of a wall jack, and the ATA plugs into the Internet modem. Fancier boxes do more things for people who want multiple phones, computers, fax machines, etc.; we will discuss them later in this article.
  • Any telephone that can make touch-tone beeps, corded or cordless. It doesn't need an answering machine because voicemail is included with Internet phone service. Caller ID, speed dialing, and other amenities are optional.
  • An Internet phone service company. It does the same things a traditional phone company does, only cheaper.

Notice what's missing. You don't need a computer to use Internet phone service any more than you need a washing machine to use bathroom tissue.

Cable and phone companies will do everything for you. Just call and say you want Internet phone service. But you will pay for such convenience with installation charges, higher prices for equipment, and higher monthly fees in the future. It takes only a little effort to save a lot of money.

In most areas, one company provides cable TV and cable Internet. But every phone company, by law, must allow other companies to offer DSL over its phone lines. You may find a bargain among such third-party DSL providers. They're in the phone book under "Internet Service Providers".

The Internet service provider you choose will rent or sell modems, often for too much money. A used modem costs 10 to 50 percent of a new one's price. Ask your Internet service provider what technical standard the modem you plan to buy must meet. The usual answers are "DOCSIS 2" and "asymmetric" for cable and DSL, respectively. Motorola, D-Link, and Linksys are reliable, widely available cable modem brands. In theory, if the modem meets these standards, it should function on any provider's network.

If only buying an ATA was that easy! You know how a cell phone company will give you a great deal on a phone that works only with its service? Likewise, Internet phone service providers pay manufacturers to "lock" ATAs into their specific services. On the bright side, an ATA is usually free if you sign up with an Internet phone service company directly via its Web site or toll-free number.

Don't buy a high-speed Internet connection kit in a retail store unless you like paying more than you must for what isn't what you want. You'll pay full price for an ATA that you could get for free, and sometimes more for second-rate phones and accessories that nobody can sell separately. Use your existing phone or buy one that fits your needs.

If you want multiple phones in different rooms, you can get an ATA with multiple phone jacks and run wires along baseboards. But a cordless phone or a cordless system that supports multiple handsets is easier. The main base station plugs into the ATA, and cordless handsets communicate through the base station via radio waves. Vtech, Panasonic, and Siemens make excellent cordless phones and multi-phone systems.

One caution about cordless phones and wireless home networks: make sure they operate on different radio frequencies to avoid interference. If you have a 2.4 Ghz phone, get a 5.8 Ghz wireless network, and vice versa. The latest cordless phone standard, called DECT, does not interfere with either 2.4 or 5.8 Ghz wireless networks.

You can even use your home's built-in phone wiring for your Internet phone system by disconnecting your home from the regular phone company's line, a simple chore that must be done very carefully. The phone company's line carries low-voltage electricity so phones will work during power outages. If the line is not disconnected properly, it can fry your Internet phone equipment. Basically, you will unscrew two wires, tape their ends to prevent short circuits, then test every wall jack to make sure it's "dead" before connecting your Internet phone service to the home wiring.

Once you're unhooked from the phone company, plug your ATA into any wall jack, plug the ATA into the Internet modem, and presto! Every wall jack in your home now provides Internet phone service instead of old-fashioned phone service. You can always re-connect to the old phone company.

If you want to use a personal computer (PC) with the Internet and Internet phone service, you will need a "router" as well as an ATA. Whenever you have two or more devices sharing an Internet connection, you have a home network. The router is your network's receptionist, directing incoming phone calls, email, Web pages, etc., to the ATA or the PC where they belong. Also like a receptionist, the router accepts outgoing mail and packages from the ATA and PC and ships them to their destinations, such as someone's email address or telephone. Finally, the receptionist/router can tell unwanted visitors - like hackers who want to break into your PC or ATA - "there's no one here, go away".

If you don't have a router already, you may as well get one box that contains a router and an ATA to save space. Such combination router-ATA boxes are available wherever ATAs are sold. If you already have a router, it should be "out front" just like a receptionist. Plug the PC and the ATA into the Ethernet jacks on the router, and plug the router's "WAN" port into the Internet modem's Ethernet jack.

Sometimes the quality of Internet phone calls can be improved by plugging the ATA directly into the modem and the router into the ATA's Ethernet jack. But then you have a phone sitting beyond your receptionist's sight, where any passerby can use it. It's unlikely that some Internet bad guy will find and use your Internet phone, but it's more likely when the ATA is plugged directly into the modem.

The calling features and pricing plans of many Internet service providers can be compared at Their features are all pretty much the same. Prices take a little more study.

Here are two things that many shoppers overlook and later wish they hadn't:

Is "Anonymous Call Rejection" (ACR) included? This feature tells callers who have blocked their caller ID information that you do not accept calls from folks who refuse to give you the number from which they are calling. ACR is useful protection against telemarketers and other annoying/harassing callers. You want it. Vonage is one Internet phone service provider that does not offer ACR.

"Free" always has a catch. Most Internet phone service providers provide ATAs free to new customers. But most also charge a cancellation fee if you close your account within a year - or two years, in Vonage's case. Coincidentally, the cancellation fee is often equal to the retail cost of an ATA. Be sure to ask about cancellation fees before signing up with anyone.

You deserve to get the most out of your services, whether it's high-speed Internet, phone, cable, or HDTV. Digital Landing is here to help, making it easy to find out everything you need to know about digital services for your home.

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Turn your iPhone into a voice note recorder with Jott

Jott is a very simple idea made sophisticated, and it works.

As a free download software for the iPhone, this application allows you to record voice notes, just like any sound recorder. However, the software goes one step further with the ability to transcribe recorded notes into text. You can even have the note sent to your mail account.

In order to use Jott, you will need to register for an account. Other than that, the application is completely free. Everything you do with the Jott application on the iPhone will be backed up to the account on the Web. For existing customers, their messages on the Jott account will be automatically made available to their iPhone via the application.

Personally I think this is a very neat idea. It would be a lot neater, though, if Jott could also work as voice command software, which is one of the functions sorely missed in the new iPhone 3G.

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