Saturday, October 22, 2005

Disney's MP3 Player

Disney wants a slice of the digital music market as well, so the company will introduce a new lineup of MP3 players, specifically designed for the its main clients, the children aged between 6 and 12 years.

MP3 players, known as Mix Stick, will come in four colors: Disney Chrome, Forever Princess, Sassy Pixie and That's So Raven, with a price of $49.

Mix Stick will allow the copying of music from CDs or the Internet; Disney will also introduce pre-filled memory cards, called “Mix Clips”. The first announced titles belong to Hillary Duff and James Brown; Disney will also make available the soundtracks of its movies.

Mix Stick’s storing capacity is relatively small, 128 MB, that is enough to fit 60 songs.

Still, with the help of the memory cards, the capacity can be increased to 1GB, which is pretty good considering that iPod Shuffle costs $99. The supported formats are MP3 and WMA.
Disney plans to distribute Mix Stick through the Wal-Mart and Target networks.

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