Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The World's Smallest USB Hub

USB Hubs have become some sort of a “must have”
in a world where almost all electronic devices connect to the PC via the USB ports. They come in all shapes, designs and sizes, standalone or embedded in another multi-functional device. However, in the case of today's gadget, the 4 Port USB 2.0 Mini Hub from Lindy, the most important feature is the size, or more precisely, the lack of, since the device measures just.... 4cm across.

This USB hub, which could actually be the smallest ever developed (40 x 40 x 9mm), features a modern aluminum grill design for a robust ‘industrial’ look and 4 USB 2.0 ports, supports high speed (480Mbit/sec), full speed (12Mbit/sec) and low speed (1.5Mbit/sec) devices and is even supplied with an 80cm USB Type A to Mini-B cable.

The Mini Hub from Lindy is bus-powered, so it can be used with up to 4 bus-powered USB devices (e.g keyboards, pen drives, MP3 players), with a total power consumption of 500mA, but also with self-powered USB devices (i.e. peripherals with their own power supplies, such as printers and external hard drives). The device, which could prove to be quite attractive, especially for notebook users, costs around 17 US dollars, quite a low price considering the product's features.


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