Thursday, February 22, 2007

A VoIP Phone

VoIP is just about everywhere right now, and it will most likely become the communication method of choice in the future, considering all its great advantages and low costs of calling. We've got VoIP voice services in the most important IM clients around, and also a service that has become a synonym for calls made via the Voice Over Internet Protocol, Skype. That's the reason why more and
more manufacturers are launching all sorts of VoIP-compatible devices, and one of the thinnest and most stylish such gadgets I've come across lately is the VoIP phone from Aipotek, a device so thin it can rival a credit card.

The phone sports a very sleek and attractive metal mobile phone-like design (although I guess a better description would be remote control-like design), with a brushed-metal back and a glossy faceplate, which will surely represent a sort of a magnet for fingerprints. Moreover, it has an extremely small form factor, measuring just 7.5 x 36.5 x 123 mm, and is compatible with Skype and most of the other services or IM Clients that use this protocol of communication, as for example MSN/Yahoo Messenger/Gtalk etc.

Another interesting fact about the VoIP phone from Aipotek is that it supports voice-recording functions, at least when connected to a PC running the Windows OS, so that you can record every word you say during your conversation.

However, this phone does have a relative serious problem, and that's the USB cable. The VoIP phone from Aipotek would have been a lot better if there were no wires attached to it, but even so, it has a pretty cool look and, at around 40 US dollars, it could represent a pretty interesting solution to your VoIP appetite.

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