Saturday, April 21, 2007

Two-Way Radio

A couple years ago I got pair of the 5 mile versions of these and the wife and I tested them out quite a bit. I gotta say the 5 mile range is pretty accurate, and having a live radio to talk with the wife when she’s out hiking or walking the dogs is great. The one thing I would have changed with mine is to have internal batteries as ours have 4 AAA’s and with a kid in the house those batteries are always in high demand.

This new version does just that - gives you a charger base and 2 handsets. Stay in touch with your kids while they are riding their bikes - or keep a line open to family or friends while out and about. These are even great when your out shopping - ever lose the wife in the mall?

* Communicate from a distance of up to 8 miles away
* 22 channels to communicate from along with 38 codes per channel
* Comes with rechargeable batteries and drop-in charger
* QT noice filter to minimize interference
* Comes with removable belt clips to clip on anywhere



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